Who is YogaSciences? 

Established in 2017, Yogasciences has one goal; to give you the tools to grow. What is needed in the world right now is more sensible people. There are millions of problems around us which need to be addressed, but the solution to all of these problems starts with each of us establishing ourselves in a certain way, internally. The greatest gift you could give to anyone, including yourself, is to grow. And, Yogasciences is offering tools which work. Tools which, if used, can lead to an unshakable inner stability and piercing perception of life. To help people build such a strong foundation and clarity of understanding is why we exist, this is our offering to you. 

Heath Street

Hatha Yoga Teacher | Filmmaker 

Heath has spent years working in the film industry in Atlanta, and then eventually made it to India where he went to the Isha Foundation and stayed for 9 months. During this time volunteering, he underwent a 1750 hour Classical Hatha Yoga teacher training, and has been teaching ever since in both the US and India. 

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As he travels around the world, he is constantly taking photos and making videos to show how everything can be used for your growth.

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Sravani Gajjarapu

Hatha Yoga Teacher | Raw Vegan Chef

Sravani was a senior software engineer at an MNC in Mumbai. While working there, she developed a love of backpacking. This process freed her of the invisible, binding shackles which were preventing her from exploring life. There started her journey of exploring places and meeting new people. In one such journeys she came across a friend who suggested her to try out Isha Yoga. The kind of experience she had by practicing various meditations and yoga programs offered by Isha was so beautiful that she realized this is something worthy of her life to invest in. After 6 months of intense training program she knew this was her calling and since then she has been on roads teaching across various parts of India. With Yogasciences she wants yoga to reach and transform the lives of everyone,just as it happened with her.

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As she passionately wanders around the world,  she is documenting every thing through her lens.

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